6 Lessons to 6 Figures 

👉 The Never-Before-Revealed Secrets of an In-Demand Bridal Hairstylist

<center><i>👉 The Never-Before-Revealed Secrets 
of an In-Demand Bridal Hairstylist<i/></center></p>

Struggling to create clean texture? 🤔

I’m spilling ALL my best-kept bridal hairstylist secrets - lessons, mistakes, techniques, and more in this quick-read PDF guide, so you can be a confident bridal stylist who creates gorgeous, soft, smooth upstyles with zero stress.

Ready to go from lacking confidence about creating clean texture to WOWING your clients with your stunning, soft, smooth styles?

This EASY-TO-READ guide will give you the: 🎉 insider secrets and 🎉 key lessons I learned to become an in-demand bridal hairstylist.

Here’s a teensy glimpse of the secrets you’ll steal:


⭐ The single-most important step that can make or break your bridal hair appointment.

⭐ The THREE things you absolutely need to know before you can decide what tools and products to use.

⭐ An “outdated” tool to magically help you create clean texture.

⭐ Understanding the number ONE mistake most stylists make when teasing hair and how to avoid it.

⭐ The best places to accentuate texture…  

...and MORE!

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100% FREE. Exclusively for aspiring artists and seasoned bridal hairstylists.

Created by Cara Clyne

Get ready to be a bridal hairstylist who knows...

My secret 3-step framework for mastering clean texture and building a successful, booked out business.

The 5 top mistakes most stylists make when working with bridal hairstyles and how to avoid them.

The 6 rock-solid lessons you need to learn so you can create clean texture with complete confidence.

Created by Sydney's leading bridal hairstylist and founder of Hair Boss University™, Cara Clyne.

Hi lovely

I’m Cara Clyne and I’m passionate about influencing, educating, and inspiring stylists to live their purpose and fulfill their dreams.

I’ve been a hairstylist since 2009 and I started my bridal hair business in 2017 and invested hundreds of hours in mastering effortless and beautiful hairstyles that are on-trend and sought after by brides all across the world.

I’ve painstakingly distilled my key lessons, mistakes, and my signature 3-step framework for you in this detailed digital guide. 

I don’t want you to spend a single second of doubt, feeling afraid and shaky about creating clean texture. Not on my watch, my dear stylist!

Spend 15 minutes and avoid making mistakes that suck the confidence out of your soul, one style at a time.

I’ve been where you are, my dear stylist.

📱Scrolling Instagram and seeing gorgeous, soft, textured styles looking sooooo smooth and stunning. 

😔 While mine were great but nowhere close. 

✈️ I traveled thousands of miles to Russia to learn the art and then, put it to the test on thousands of happy brides. 

💇‍♀️ Practicing, refining, mastering clean texture upstyles. 

👉 Today, I teach the same techniques to hundreds of students in Hair Boss University. 

And now I’m sharing my 3-step framework, 6 key lessons, AND 5 fatal mistakes with you in this gorgeous, easy-reference guide.



...stylists who stick together succeed together.

This step-by-step, tell-all guide is for you if:

🙋‍♀️ You’re ready to stop letting your lack of confidence with clean texture hold you back. 

🙋‍♀️ You want to be an in-demand, booked solid stylist whose clients love her and can’t stop talking about her. 

🙋‍♀️ You want to expand your business and you don’t want to make expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Steal the secrets no stylist’s ever shared before so you can create clean texture and avoid mistakes that make your styles look messy!


"I love the way you teach and your knowledge and experience go above and beyond"

Anita Bauer