Hair Boss University 2.0 has officially launched! 🎉

If you’re a


scrolling through Instagram, looking at all those gorgeous pics and wondering...

“How do I build confidence in my bridal hairstyling skills, work less, and earn more?”

Can I ever create upstyles that look clean, smooth, and modern?

“Will I ever be booked out so I can create real financial freedom?”

It’s time for you to join us in...

Hair Boss University

Hair Boss University

“It’s in a league of its own”- Marissa Brennan

The Premium Online Program for Hairstylists

Who Are Ready to be a Cut Above the Rest with Their Confidence, Clients and Clean Texture Upstyling



I told you I’m committed to seeing you


so when you enroll you also get…

The Hair Boss University

fast action bonus!!

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*For a LIMITED TIME ONLY when you enrol in “Clean Textured Upstyling 101” course, you are going to get “Scale your biz with Instagram” absolutely free. Valued at $499. 


This course will show you how I grew to 40K followers in just 3 years - organically and how you can too! 

You’ll learn how to:

Be fully booked with even under 1K following

Create Instagram reels that go viral

Get more clicks on your profile

Choose the best username for your account

Write amazing captions with my strategies, without zero stress

Get more sales with IG highlights

Grow exponentially with my proven “Followers VS Hashtag System”

“Not confident enough.” 

Three little words that rip a hole in your hairstylist heart.

Not feeling confident about bridal hairstyles is the #1 reason most stylists stay small and feel like they’re not good enough.

And that feeling of NOT being confident leads to…

The stress of not being booked solid.

The pain of not knowing whether you’ll find yourself instead of stagnating and feeling stuck.

The frustration at seeing how your styles are never smooth enough, soft enough, clean enough.

You didn’t sign up for this.

This is


what being a bridal hairstylist is all about.

Feeling like you’ll never be confident enough to speak “hair” and deliver on your brides’ vision so you truly are the go-to-expert, the one they send all their friends and family too, the one who others want to learn from.

You spend hours scrolling through Instagram looking at other stylists who seem to have it all together and you wonder, “When will it be my turn to be the expert?”

You squeeze in time when the kids’ nap so you can watch YouTube videos and practice on your dolly only to end up feeling like your styles aren’t anywhere close to what you see in those free tutorials.

You know you have the ambition and fire to succeed if ONLY someone would show you the what and the how.

Sadly, you never find the real “secrets”, the “why” and the “how” in any of the free (or even paid!) content.

You may get a trick here and a tip there but…
… you’re missing so many pieces of this very hairy puzzle.

You look around and you wonder...

“Is it me? Am I just winging it?

Do I really have it in me to become an in-demand wedding hairstylist?”


This is a MYTH that sadly so many stylists buy into for

NO fault of theirs

Everywhere they look, they find masterclasses and tutorials that barely scratch the surface of wedding hairstyles.

No one pulled back the curtain to reveal what it really takes to create stunning, breathtaking clean, textured upstyles or what being an in-demand, booked out wedding hairstylist is all about.

No one taught you the WHY behind the techniques and the HOW behind the business strategies so you could be booked up not only on weekends but also on weekdays.

No one laid out the path for you to step into the role of a confident stylist who knows what she's doing when styling hair; knows her worth when she sets rates and boundaries and has her own recognizable style that speaks to her heart.

You don’t learn ANY of this in school.

Yes, my dear stylist… It’s NOT your fault that you feel like you’re not confident enough, good enough, ready enough to do styles like THESE


But now… Now you have the opportunity to change all of that.

with this.

You have the opportunity to be a HAIR BOSS and go from feeling like you’re constantly chasing clients to being booked out because you’re confident, skilled and can give your clients exactly what they want.

Without breaking into a sweat or freaking out! FUN!!

Hair Boss University

Hair Boss University

The premium online school for stylists

who want that 1-on-1 experience from the comfort of their home to master clean, textured upstyles


Hi there! 

I’m Cara Clyne

bridal hairstylist and founder of Hair Boss University.

I’ve been a hairstylist since 2009 and I started my bridal hair business in 2017 and invested hundreds of hours in mastering effortless and beautiful hairstyles that are on-trend and sought after by brides all across the world.

My goal is to influence, educate, and inspire stylists to live their purpose and fulfill their dreams.

When I started learning, I quickly realized NO ONE was sharing detailed, step-by-step, multi-angle videos of tutorials to help stylists get the results t hey really wanted.

No one was showing WHAT prep was needed or WHY a step was done.

I believe...Everything you do during your hair styling has a purpose, so you have to do everything with intention.

Incomplete instructions always lead to incredible disappointments.

This is why I never “assume” anything and explain everything.

It is also why I don’t shy away from sharing the mistakes I made so you don’t repeat them.

That is why I was committed to creating the best online course for hairstylists. I had it professionally filmed so you’d hear me talk, see multiple angles, and learn just like you would in a one-on-one class.

Because here’s the thing… 

With the crazy, new world we’re living in… one-on-one classes may not happen for a very long time.

As a young mum (of 2 under 2), I know in-person classes are definitely not an option for a long time.

But that doesn’t mean you need to settle for staying stuck and feeling like you’re not confident enough.

I created Hair Boss University

to be a premium online experience.

It is based on the 1-on-1 classes I used to do so you’ll get the exact same experience but from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you need to know…

In 3 months or less

You’ll have the confidence to create clean texture and 10 SHOW-STOPPING styles, including SIX of my signature looks.

Never again will you spend the whole day worrying if the style stayed in or if it looks pretty enough or if the client was happy!

You’ll also master the WHY behind every step and know exactly how to create variations of the upstyles I create.

You’ll have the business savvy to set your styling business on the path to being booked out with dream clients.

“ This is the most comprehensive, in-depth online course for hairstylists. ”

Cara teaches you with her heart all her tricks to give the best hair your clients could have ever dreamed of but she’s also a girl boss and she will inspire you to grow your business like no one and take it to the next level!

This is the most comprehensive, in-depth online course for hairstylists. Cara is constantly adding new content to the course and each time it’s so valuable.

Alexia Bigaud-Morin


Limoges, France


“My skills and confidence have improved dramatically!”

I love the way you teach and your knowledge goes above and beyond! My skills and confidence have improved dramatically!

The added value comes in the business tips. This has been so helpful and raised my level of communication and professionalism with clients. I love it because it’s not just a “how-to” styling course.

It’s the “why behind what you are doing, challenges your thinking process to create your styles with intent and confidence, covers the most common “mistakes” made. And also encourages and guides you to think about your work in business terms.

- Anita Bauer


Byron Bay, Australia

“You kept your word on talking about teaching the “why” aspect in each module...”

It’s the most detailed, in-depth training I’ve ever done online.

You answered a lot of questions in the videos as soon as I thought of them.

Other courses I’ve taken I felt like I needed to message the trainer asking a lot of extra questions to be more clear and confident in the steps I was taking.

You also kept your word on talking about teaching the “why” aspect in each module which was one thing I was looking forward to in each video.

Brie Racoma


Oahu, Hawaii



You’ll master clean, textured upstyling and building your successful stylist business with:

Start here


This is the first module of our lesson and it’s designed to prime you for success. We will start strong. There are tips on how to get the most out of the lessons moving forward. I will also help you to have a better mindset about yourself and give you the tools you need as you face challenges along the way.


Intro to products and tools


Know all my best kept secrets when it comes to the best tools and products for your bridal hair business.Trial and tested by yours truly. Expect nothing less but amazingly thorough lessons where you won’t just see what I have but know the why behind what I use.This is a favourite module for many of the students.


Module 1: A Great Client Experience 

You will get to know how to create an exceptional client experience starting with: the MAIN questions you should ask before a bridal trial consultation. The value of keeping client notes. And why reading references is SOOO important.

PLUS BONUS tutorials on how I set up my studio, my kit, and SO much more!

Hey, I even take you behind-the-scenes and share an actual case study of a real bridal trial consultation I did so you know exactly how I do it.


Module 2: Working With Hair

fine hair, thick hair, frizzy hair... you’ll master the art of working with all types of hair.

You’ll then learn the foundations of WHAT you NEED to know before you can start creating stunning upstyles.

You’ll see WHY this is important and learn HOW to do it; how to tie a ponytail properly so an upstyle can stay firmly on the head. You’ll get to know how to pin properly so that the hairstyle lasts all day.

Learn how to frame the face, create a hair pad, AND swipe my secret hack for increasing speed and efficiency when you work.


Module 3: Creating Clean Texture

This is the mothership.

In this module, I have 6 detailed, step-by-step lessons that show you HOW to create my signature “clean texture.”

But more importantly, I’ll walk you through the How and Why of every step too - crimping, teasing, creating a “smooth canvas,” pinning the crown, and finally, creating texture FRIZZ-FREE!

You’ll walk away with everything you need to know, so your confidence levels go through the roof.


Module 4: Bun Variations

Now that you’ve mastered clean texture, you can up the stakes.

Watch the step-by-step tutorials on how I create 4 variations of the ponytail updo. Learn these - the 3 ponytail updo, the 2-ponytail updo, the bun with hair hanging, and the diagonal bun.

And I’ll arm you with my secret tips for hiding away thick hair!

Quick and easy!


Module 5: Other Popular Updos

Once you’ve got all of these remarkable skills in your ‘kit’, I’ll show you some of my other popular upstyles.

Want a fast (25 minutes or so!) boho upstyle for bridesmaids? You got it. Looking to nail the popular Twisted Updo? You’ll get that too. I’ll even show you how to create updos on dark hair.

AND my BONUS tutorial will show you how to add wavy texture to your updo!

Module 6: Practical Tools

Being a bridal hairstylist isn’t just about creating gorgeous upstyles.

It’s also about the little, yet important touches and this module shows you how to master those with complete confidence.

How to fit the veil, use hair accessories, hold the mirror, and then, most importantly, take great photos and edit them so you can send or share them wherever and with whoever you need to share. These are what you’ll walk away with from this module.


Module 7: Hairstyles Troubleshoot

Upskill by learning through other’s mistakes

Not sure why your hairstyle is not looking the same as mine? Don’t worry it takes a few practices before you’ll see results. And you’ll only get better with time. But I will fast track your improvement by walking you through my previous students' works to show you things you should do and mistakes to watch out for. These lessons are incredibly detailed and you will improve by 10 folds!


Module 8: Wedding day ready


This module is about preparing you for your wedding day booking when you suddenly have clients you weren’t prepared for. I’m going to teach you how to work with short hair. After this, you’ll know how to blowdry short hair, how to curl on short hair, do a beautiful modern french twist on short hair as well as how to style a very short pixie cut.



The Ultimate

"Successful Stylist Setup"


(VALUE: $6000)

12-Month Group Coaching

The value for this is priceless because for 12 months, you’ll get fierce motivation, radical accountability (we check in on you!), and BONUS coaching to help you be your most confident, skillful self! You’ll never feel lost, alone or stuck again!

(VALUE: $2000)

The $100K Workflow Blueprint

A 1-hour bonus training on my exact step-by-step workflow.

You’ll see how the contract, booking form and everything else for my $100K business is set up. 

(VALUE: $1500)

The Ultimate Pricing Strategies for Stylists who Know their Worth

Learn 7 different ways to price your services. Know exactly how you should charge for hair extensions and hair accessories. Master pricing psychology so you never undercharge ever again!

(VALUE: $800)

The Easy DIY Process to Create a $10K Website Minus the Price Tag and Tech Hassles!

Your marketing is what will set you apart even in the most crowded markets and it all starts with your website. This bonus training will give you the skills you need to create a professional-looking website to showcase your skills!

(VALUE: $2500)

Stylist Expertise Education: Proven Strategies to Deliver an Incredible 1:1 Training Experience

Want to add more revenue streams to your stylist business? Struggling to pay the bills? Not when you have THIS bonus training that’ll show you how to create a NEW source of income through teaching other stylists!

(VALUE: $1500)

Make More Time Mini Training: Automate Your Workflow with Dubsado

Learn Struggling to manage your time? Look more professional?

This bonus training will show you how to set up an automated system to manage clients AND save time.

(VALUE: $2500)

Greatest (Hairstyling!) Hits: Guest Expert Interviews Library

Get up, close and candid with the OGs of hairstyling in this library of guest expert interviews featuring some of the biggest and best names @Tonyastylist, @Kasiafortuna & @Hairbyhannahtaylor among others.

There are over 10 hours of interviews for you to listen to and learn from!

(VALUE: $1500)

The Stylist's Suite: Live Lesson Library

These bonus recorded live lessons are PERFECT if you want to go the extra mile and troubleshoot different problems you may be facing with your hairstyles or your practice sessions.

Struggling to trim mannequin hair? I got you covered! Practive the 3-ponytail bun and have questions? Find the answers here!

So, what’s the actual investment?

Yes, the value of Hair Boss University is more than $30,000 but that’s not even close to what you’ll pay.

In fact, you’ll pay waaay less than what most cosmetology and hair schools charge.

According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, hairstylist school tuition generally costs around $10,000. And this doesn’t factor in the cost of hair kits, textbooks, and other supplies.

Your investment for Hair Boss University is *drumroll*




The Super Saver Selection

Pay $1997 AUD in full

and save $503 on
the enrolment fee.


The Pay-with-Ease Option

Start with $497 AUD

(and then pay 4 monthly
payments of $497 AUD)

Instant Access. Trusted by Hundreds of Hair Stylists. 

Armed with your Hair Boss University knowledge, you’ll create updos like our students.

And you want to learn these Popular Hairstyles too?




In this 10-lesson course you'll learn all my secrets regarding long hairstyles, and most importantly, you'll finally know how to make these hairstyle last all day!


Simply add on "Cara's Signature Long Hairstyles"

for just $150

at checkout and you'll get instant access! (Valued at $1500)



"I can’t even tell you how much I regret not enrolling Cara’s Long Hairstyle sooner!! It took me a year to decide. Big big mistake!! It has only been 3 days since I started watching the module and I already have results!! I’m so happy!!"

Carla Quiogue

Your Fellow Hair Bosses Want You to Know You're in Good Hands


Marissa Brennan,

Hair & Makeup Artist



“Cara totally blew my expectations out of the water with this course. My goal was to make $100K a year in my business…I can’t believe I can even say that this year I already have 80+ weddings booked and will 100% make well over $100K in sales”

Ronda Akande,




“Before HBU I was lacking skill, confidence and business. I had zero brides. And now after HBU I’m a completely different hairdresser. The videos are so broken down that your skill level is going to be night and day..within 3 months. I’m confident now to post my work and have booked over 10 weddings in the last few months.”

Alexia Bigaud-Morin,

Hair & Makeup Artist



“And trust me you are not ready for all the content that’s on the platform. Thanks to her now I can do all the popular upstyles, you know the ones brides show you on Pinterest. On the business side, my workflow have improved so much. I now know how to make money. You are going to take your business to the NEXT, the very NEXT and the VERY VERY next level!”

Inge Kollenburg,

Bridal Hair Stylist

The Netherlands


“Hair Boss University have upgraded my skills and my business so damn well. I have so many bookings right now. I have 52 weddings this year and 38 next year. Before I joined Hair Boss University, I didn’t have so many bookings.”

Justine Tee,

Bridal hair and makeup stylist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“I just turned into a full-time makeup artist and hairstylist all thanks to HBU. Before joining I was getting job sparingly but it wasn’t consistent. My work have also improved tremendously. Now I don’t do hair for the sake of doing hair, I actually understand the process. My anxiety has also decreased before a job. You’re not just paying to learn hairstyles, but also how to grow your business. And not everybody offers that.”

Elaine Collum,

Bridal hairstylist

Leitrim, Ireland


“There is no way you could learn what’s in Hair Boss University in a one to one class. You need like 10 or 15 classes with Cara. I’ve never felt more passionate about what I was doing. I could see the improvement in my work. My engagement online was going up, I was getting more bookings..”

Candice Hollub,

Bridal Hair Educator and Behind the Chair Team

Texas, USA


“Now that I’ve taken Hair Boss University I can see her theory and process about hair. She lays a foundation so you can understand why she’s doing what she’s doing”

Sharon Wilkes-Burt,

bridal hairstylist and educator for over 30 years

Perth, Australia


“The course has gone above and beyond everything I expected it to be. She breaks down the HOW and the WHY… PLUS, the business toolkit is INCREDIBLE!”

Kira McClenaghan,

bridal hairstylist

Ottawa, Canada


“Before Hair Boss University, my business lacked structure, organization and I as a stylist lacked a lot of confidence…
….Hair Boss University has completely transformed my business!”

Hary May,

bridal and makeup hairstylist

Melbourne, Australia


“I thought I’ll just learn a few upstyles… but Cara goes IN-DEPTH! She breaks everything down for you...
...It has definitely improved my skills and my styles are super clean. Hair Boss University has been the best investment for my business!”

Li Mulder,

bridal hair and makeup artist

Rotterdam, Netherlands


“I have learned so much in Hair Boss University…
… My business was doing well but with the knowledge I’ve gotten, it has grown MORE. She teaches you HOW to curl properly, how to use products, how to build the vision you had.”

Carla Quiogue,

bridal hair and makeup artist

Manila, Philippines


“I was able to use what Cara teaches in the Business Toolkit for a NEW non-hairstyle business in the Philippines!
Hair Boss University is an incredible experience that helps you learn a LOT, meet the best hairstylists and make great friends with fellow hairstylists all over the world”

Yana Jacquemyn,

Hair & Makeup artist



“It has been one of the best decisions of my life for myself and my business.. I’m finally attracting the clients that I want”

Alice Kapitein,

Hairstylist & Educator



“I immediately loved it, it’s so professionally filmed and it feels like a one on one lesson with you.. You really share everything, you have no secrets for us”

Rachel Jones,




“She put so much thoughts, skill and purpose into her styles.There’s so many things this course has done to provide us with the tools to success in this industry.”

“You’re a Cut Above the Rest”

I want you to know, my fellow stylist, you are a cut above the rest.

The fact that you’re on this page.

The fact that you showed up for my webinar (thank you, btw!).

The fact that you’re considering getting the training and education you need.

ALL of that 👆🏻 means you’re in this to win this. #ambitiousandhungry

And here’s what I see for you…

You radiate confidence when interacting with clients. Your clients love how stress-free and professional working with you is. You understand your brides’ vision and you can make it come to life. With ease.

You are blown away by the rave (unsolicited!) reviews your brides give you on social media and how they send all their friends and family to you.

You are booked out 8-12 months in advance and you have a waitlist. Your family loves the financial freedom your thriving business is creating. You no longer stress over bills or an empty booking schedule.

You are noticed by brands, other hairstylists and your Instagram and Pinterest presence are enviable. Aspiring stylists are constantly messaging you wanting to learn your secrets.

You no longer worry about increasing your prices, expanding your business, or truly being a successful hairstylist who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to set boundaries and be a confident business owner too.

Yes, that’s what I see for you, my friend.

Do you see it for yourself?

Do you see it for yourself?


“Can an online course really be
as good as a 1-on-1 class?”

Answers to this and other questions you’re probably thinking right now.

Still unsure?
Take the Hair Boss University Tour


A Message from My  Heart  to Yours

Hair Boss University is unlike any other online course you may have seen or taken.

I don’t say this lightly, my friend.

I’m committed to your success and to seeing you thrive and grow as a stylist.

I believe… Success stories don’t come from successful people. They come from ordinary people who had a dream, who put in the work, and who believed.


I didn’t want you to settle for flimsy, filmed-on-an-iPhone tutorials. I refuse to let you second-guess and doubt yourself as a stylist and a business owner.

I will not stand by and let you keep feeling like you’re not good enough, confident enough to pull off clean, modern, smooth styles.

You have goals. 

Maybe, you want to make $100K a year. Have your dream brides line up to work with you.

Maybe you want your family to have the financial freedom and independence you’ve been dreaming of. Hello, Disneyland!

Maybe you just want to feel confident in your skills and be known for your signature styles.

Whatever be your goals, I’m here to not only mentor you but also be your biggest cheerleader and greatest supporter.

I know, first-hand, the importance of smart learning and solid teaching. Which is why, in Hair Boss University, I’m not just teaching you what to do,

I’m teaching you how to do it and why you need to do a step and most importantly…

...I’m teaching you how to think like an in-demand, fully booked out wedding stylist.

that is why...

I recorded over 60 videos to share Every. Single. Thing. you’d ever need to know for creating gorgeous upstyles easily and confidently.

I hired a FULL video crew so you’d see multiple angles, hear me talk you through every step. Just like you would if we were to meet in-person.

I’ve brought on the BEST guest experts so you can learn alllll the skills you need to market yourself with complete confidence.

I’m incredibly active and involved in the community, coaching you, giving you feedback, and ensuring you take action and stay focused on your growth.

Because your growth as a stylist fuels your purpose, your passion, and puts you firmly on the path to financial freedom and work-life balance.

You’re a hair boss, in my eyes, dear stylist. 

Are you one in your eyes?