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The Ultimate Training to Build a 6 figure Bridal Hair Business

(So you can have financial freedom, be the best version of yourself, do what you absolutely love, work fewer days and enjoy your precious times with your family and little ones. )


So Cara,


What are you offering?



I help stylists who wants to make bridal hair their full time job, who lacks the skills and confidence to create beautiful bridal hairstyles consistently, who’s lacking business direction, don’t know how to market themselves & not having the amount of the clients they would want to becoming their own boss, running a thriving 6-figure bridal hair business yearly with effective marketing strategies, being a respected artist in their area and industry, who’s in control of their time, proud of their work, always feeling motivated and growing so that they can have financial freedom, create content they are proud of, do what they absolutely love, work fewer days yet earn more, enjoy free time with their families and kids, and be the best version of themselves. 


Being a

booked solid bridal hairstylist is a goal

that can change your family’s life.

You want to learn new skills, work less, make more, and expand your business.

You want financial freedom.

You want your calendar to be booked on weekdays AND weekends.

You want to work on your terms with dream clients and you know you can make it happen.

If only someone shows you HOW.

Being a

booked solid bridal hairstylist is a goal

that can change your family’s life.


You want

to be the bridal hairstylist 

whose clients weep with joy and excitement when they see your stunning styles.

Your greatest joy is when you can collaborate successfully with your client and give them the look they came to you for.

Getting referrals from happy brides and being the go-to stylist even in crowded cities will be a big deal for your business.

And you know you can make that happen IF you master clean looks with great technique.


Marissa Brennan,

Hair & Makeup Artist



“Cara totally blew my expectations out of the water with this course. My goal was to make $100K a year in my business…I can’t believe I can even say that this year I already have 80+ weddings booked and will 100% make well over $100K in sales”

Ronda Akande,




“Before HBU I was lacking skill, confidence and business. I had zero brides. And now after HBU I’m a completely different hairdresser. The videos are so broken down that your skill level is going to be night and day..within 3 months. I’m confident now to post my work and have booked over 10 weddings in the last few months.”

Alexia Bigaud-Morin,

Hair & Makeup Artist



“And trust me you are not ready for all the content that’s on the platform. Thanks to her now I can do all the popular upstyles, you know the ones brides show you on Pinterest. On the business side, my workflow have improved so much. I now know how to make money. You are going to take your business to the NEXT, the very NEXT and the VERY VERY next level!”

Candice Hollub,

Bridal Hair Educator and Behind the Chair Team

Texas, USA


“Now that I’ve taken Hair Boss University I can see her theory and process about hair. She lays a foundation so you can understand why she’s doing what she’s doing”

Sharon Wilkes-Burt,

bridal hairstylist and educator for over 30 years

Perth, Australia


“The course has gone above and beyond everything I expected it to be. She breaks down the HOW and the WHY… PLUS, the business toolkit is INCREDIBLE!”

Kira McClenaghan,

bridal hairstylist

Ottawa, Canada


“Before Hair Boss University, my business lacked structure, organization and I as a stylist lacked a lot of confidence…
….Hair Boss University has completely transformed my business!”

Hary May,

bridal and makeup hairstylist

Melbourne, Australia


“I thought I’ll just learn a few upstyles… but Cara goes IN-DEPTH! She breaks everything down for you...
...It has definitely improved my skills and my styles are super clean. Hair Boss University has been the best investment for my business!”

Li Mulder,

bridal hair and makeup artist

Rotterdam, Netherlands


“I have learned so much in Hair Boss University…
… My business was doing well but with the knowledge I’ve gotten, it has grown MORE. She teaches you HOW to curl properly, how to use products, how to build the vision you had.”

Carla Quiogue,

bridal hair and makeup artist

Manila, Philippines


“I was able to use what Cara teaches in the Business Toolkit for a NEW non-hairstyle business in the Philippines!
Hair Boss University is an incredible experience that helps you learn a LOT, meet the best hairstylists and make great friends with fellow hairstylists all over the world”

Yana Jacquemyn,

Hair & Makeup artist



“It has been one of the best decisions of my life for myself and my business.. I’m finally attracting the clients that I want”

Alice Kapitein,

Hairstylist & Educator



“I immediately loved it, it’s so professionally filmed and it feels like a one on one lesson with you.. You really share everything, you have no secrets for us”

Rachel Jones,




“She put so much thoughts, skill and purpose into her styles.There’s so many things this course has done to provide us with the tools to success in this industry.”



6-figure bridal hairstylist excites you

AND you’re ready to make clean textured, soft, and smooth bridal hairstyles your not-so-secret superpower,

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Cara Clyne

The go-to bridal stylist and educator for clean textured hairstyles.

I’ve been creating stunning, on-trend, bridal hairstyles since 2017 and have taught hundreds of students my detailed, step-by-step, secrets, and techniques so they can finally have the confidence they need to give their clients soft, smooth upstyles and amazing hollywood waves. 

I've successfully launched my premium program called Hair Boss University with over 440 students enrolled so far since 2020. The results speaks for itself and I'm so proud of my students' results. 

I love going above and beyond in my training and I can promise you program will be (hands down) THE best program there is if you want to have everything you need to become an in demand hairstylist. 

Enrolment to this program is based on application only and I carefully vet all the students who wants to join to ensure you are the right fit for the program and that you will be able to achieve the results. 

I'm dedicated to my students and only want to serve a handful who are willing to do the work and are hungry for results. If you want to learn more then register your interest and I'll let you know more details once the next intake opens up. 


What is Hair Boss University? Watch the presentation below and find out!