Hair Boss University presents

Clean Texture Upstyling 101

A Premium Program for Hairstylists Who Are Ready To Be A-Cut-Above The Rest With Their Confidence, Clients And Clean Texture Upstyling


Dramatically improve your upstyling skills, erase mistakes, and start getting noticed by dream clients and fellow stylists!

Here's what you need to know,


In 3 months or less:


You’ll have the confidence to create clean texture and 10 SHOW-STOPPING styles, including SIX of my signature looks.


You’ll also master the WHY behind every step and know exactly how to create variations of the upstyles I create.


You’ll have the business tools to set your styling business on the path to being booked out with dream clients.

"This is what should have been taught when I did my diploma 4 years ago..."

Transform your business with the business tool kit that every student raves about.

Amp up your upstyling skills by learning how to read hair references so you can quickly go from feeling like the new kid on the floor to being the in-demand bridal hairstylist you deserve to be.

Get the confidence and clarity you need to create a bridal hairstyling business you love.

 Nod “yes” if any of the following resonate with you:


You want

Cannot-be-Shaken Confidence


You’ve tried hard to master clean texture but there’s always something missing.

You feel stressed each time a client shares a reference you haven’t worked with.

You know that these soft, smooth styles can be a game-changer for your business but you don’t know where and how to learn those insider tips and secret strategies so you can recreate clean styles with complete confidence.


Being a

booked solid bridal hairstylist is a goal

that can change your family’s life.

You want to learn new skills, work less, make more, and expand your business.

You want financial freedom.

You want your calendar to be booked on weekdays AND weekends.

You want to work on your terms with dream clients and you know you can make it happen.

If only someone shows you HOW.

Being a

booked solid bridal hairstylist is a goal

that can change your family’s life.


You want

to be the bridal hairstylist 

whose clients weep with joy and excitement when they see your stunning styles.

Your greatest joy is when you can collaborate successfully with your client and give them the look they came to you for.

Getting referrals from happy brides and being the go-to stylist even in crowded cities will be a big deal for your business.

And you know you can make that happen IF you master clean looks with great technique.



booked solid bridal hairstylist excites you

AND you’re ready to make clean textured, soft, and smooth bridal upstyles your not-so-secret superpower,

Hair Boss University

is a must

for you

Armed with your Hair Boss University knowledge, you’ll create updos like our students.

Meet your HBU mentor

Cara Clyne

The go-to bridal stylist and educator for clean textured upstyles.

I’ve been creating stunning, on-trend, bridal hairstyles since 2017 and have taught hundreds of students my detailed, step-by-step, secrets, and techniques so they can finally have the confidence they need to give their clients soft, smooth upstyles.

I love going above and beyond in my training and I can promise you this online course will be no different.

I created Hair Boss University 

to be a premium online experience

It is based on the 1-on-1 classes I used to do so you’ll get the exact same experience but from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what my students say about my passion for training


“...I was super nervous in case I couldn’t put to practice what you taught me but I COULD. You’re born to teach, girl”

Debbie Pearce


“...she has so much knowledge and has passed it on in beautifully filmed episodes. I am much more confident in creating the perfect clean textured updos.”

Ashley Collett


“This was so informative and definitely very helpful to see and learn each step. Cara makes it look effortless and makes me excited to try all these hairstyles.”

Cathy Nguyen